Monthly Archives: February 2009

What’s been done so far.

Since November 2008, we have moved a total of 400 animals: 245 hartebeest; 140 plains zebra and 15 impalas. 245 hartebeest: 64 were moved to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy 146 were moved to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy 35 were moved to Mugie Ranch 140 zebras.These animals were moved to Mwea National Reserve and to the […]

Moving Hartebeest

So how do we capture hartebeest? When the translocation first started, in November 2008, the capture technique involved the use of helicopters and numerous trucks to transport the animals. The animals were helicopter-shepherded into curtained traps that funneled them into loading ramps which led to the trucks. Given the urgency of the situation, the translocation […]

Endangered Hartebeest Translocation

There are only about 1,000 Lelwel hartebeest left in Kenya. They are only found in two places:  (1) Ruma National Park, where only a few dozen animals remain. and (2) a population of approximately 1,000 individuals in Laikipia District. This Laikipia population has been shown to be genetically diverse. 75% of this population is found […]